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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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So who's been keeping an eye on the SSB Dojo? I so can't wait for this game to come out...SSB was awesome on the N64, selling 6 million copies worldwide. SSB: Melee was even better on the Gamecube and was the best selling game on the system at 7 million copies sold. Now the Wii will be getting SSB: Brawl and it is just jam packed full of Nintendo fan service and is already hitting 1 million units sold in just Japan alone after about a week in sales.


There's a battle mode, with group battles and tourneys. There's an adventure mode. There's online play and side games. You can even build your own stages. With the amount of content in this game it's going to be hours of fun. It'll be pure button mashing or remote waving, depending on any of the 4 controller configurations you wish to use: Wii Remote, Remote & Nunchuk, Gamecube controller, or Classic Controller. The game has gotten a perfect score (40/40) from Famitsu - which only gave 6 other games a perfect score: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube), Soulcaliber (Dreamcast), Vagrant Story (Playstation), Nintendogs (DS), & Final Fantasy XII (Playstation 2). Right now, it is the fastest selling Wii game in Japan after selling 800k copies at launch, which is faster than the Japanese casual market can snap up Wii Fit, Wii Play, or Wii Sports. If you own a Wii, this is indeed the game to get.



Playable Characters:









Donky Kong

Princess Peach


Ice Climbers



Zero Suit Samus


Pokemon Trainer

Diddy Kong

Meta Knight


King Dee Dee

Pikmin & Capt. Olimar

Solid Snake

Sonic the Hedgehog


Hidden Characters




Captain Falcon



Mr. Game & Watch



Toon Link



ROB the Robot


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Anyone pick up Brawl at the midnight launch? LOL. Seeing as I was busy getting hit by a Beemer, I picked up my copy this morning. Been playing since...haven't had time to go play online as my Wii is having connection issues at the moment...but other than that, prolly the best game out on the Wii to date.



Hey, if you're still looking for a Wii, today is prolly your best chance at finding one since Nintendo increased shipment of systems for the launch of Brawl.

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Thought the video was funny. Cheered me up a little...
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