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sick and bored


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ive been sick for the last couple of days so i havent really gotten out of bed much. Just been watching scrubs and playing the orange box. Ive been so bored and i havent driven my car in a couple of days. What does everyone else do when sick. and if anyone wants to hit me up to play some halo 3 or cod4 or even forza 2 my xbox live name is koffeedc2

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I'm not allowed to get sick and wallow in self pity. I have a household to run and folks to take care of so even if I'm almost dead on my feet, I still have to get up and make dinner and get the house in order. lol. Once that's done, I drink a bottle of nyquil and go back to bed till the next day.

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I work when I am sick as well. hell I am slowly getting sick which sucks.

hey my name on xbox live is chrisagu28

I just sleep eat something here and there and relax just like you, play cod 4 or whatever i have at the time.

lately been playing cod 4 and couterstrike source waiting for unreal to come out for 360.

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I was just sick too. Hope everyone gets well, cuz it sucks to be sick!


I read mad Harry Potter, haha. Just finished the fourth book in French last night. Getting better and better at it, which is cool. So basically I learn most of my french from Family Guy, LOST, and Harry Potter...

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