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Secure your tire


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Well I was just thining about some movies I have seen when a cop puts the locking thing around a cars tire so they can not drive away. You guys think it could be possible to weld something together, or even find a place that sells something like that. That would be pretty secure then eh??

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lol just buy a boot...comes with the key! but ya i boot my crap everywhere, if my car got towed (not saying everywere i go i park illegal so you can see my car) but if it got towed with a boot ide go to the towing place find the guy who SPECIFiCLY towed my car showed him the grooves under my shoe an put it somewer on his body thehehehe~!~ : D

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Ya a I was talking about a boot I was looking around and found that out. Idk just seemed like an idea, becuase if i park close enough to someones arse it would be pretty hard to tow it. And htat would be pretty damn loud especially at like 2 in the morning hearnig a tow truck. I live in my basemest so I heard those big effers coming.

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