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Honda flywheel question....

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From looking at a bunch of pictures online, I've noticed that all honda flywheels LOOK to have the same bolt pattern where they mate to the crank. Can anyone confirm this? I'd imagine the differences in the flywheels are the outer diameter, and clutches for the different engine models.


Does anyone know if this is true? If so, is it for all models, or just some?

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I noticed this too. Both lightweight flywheels and clutches I have changed out in my D and my B have looked the same. If I remember tomorrow, I think I have a stock d series flywheel and a B series flywheel and I can try to do a comparo tomorrow.

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good deal! it would be very much appreciated!


From looking at the H2B kit online it says you use the stock b-series flywheel for the conversion. So the H-series, and b-series flywheels must have the same bolt pattern that they can just bolt right up like that.


now.... someone to check on the k-series..... ::cough:: cranny ::cough:: lol just kidding.

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