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uh-oh! my bad!

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i dont know what the hell i did but my tranny casing is loaded with stress cracks! and they r all stemming out from the area around the tranny mount. could it be b/c my other 2 mounts r shot, my tranny mount is in near perfect condition, and i like to drop my clucth and shift fast?


**edit** or is this completely normal?

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dropping the clutch is bad on a tranny and u you might have messed up the clutch when u were dumping it and its probley out of fluid u might end up having to get a whole new transmission by the sound of it

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well the clucth isnt out of fluid, grabs fine and doesnt make any noise, it doesnt slip. i just worried one day i might drop the tranny right out the bottom of the car. as for the shot mounts though, im replacing those after my next pay check.

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