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"NEW" Electric turbo 30+Hp AT 3lbs of boost????


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I found it on ebay. its a turbocharger that is run by electricity. It simply connects to your existing intake and has enough thrust to hover or float when you turn it on and let it go in mid air. check it out on youtube. It looks to me like it would give your car a little power. idk. Check it out on those sites and let me kno.






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The thing has as much power as a blow dryer and when you put it on your intake it will start to block the majority of the air going to the engine. A lot of people will say this is a NO NO product.

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I wish some people would have paid attention in Chemistry. There would be no reason to entertain these types of threads if they sat down and worked out the math. One mole of gasoline for every 14.1 moles of oxygen, where air is only 20% oxygen? Yeah, a little electric fan is going to really move that huge mass of air.

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