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Funny Ricer Comments


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Many times a day I am burdened by the unhealthy and traumatizing words of a ricer.


"is your car a VTEC?"


"Wanna Race?"


"How many cams do you have?"


"My 17''s weigh 8 lbs without tire"




"My LS Integra runs 13s in the 1/4"


"Where's your VTEC at?"


let me feel like someone else has to deal with this stupidity every day.


post up your stories

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well this is a myspace story


well a mexican guy claimed he put over 100 g's into his prelude and i seen it all ricerd out and was like "it goes over 240 miles, wat homes you wanna race?"


so i asked him are you n/a or turbo


"wat the f*ck are you talking about n/a? im turbo homes"


so wats the size of ur turbo?


"it's bigger than yours"


so dont worry we all have to deal with these posers lol

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"If I put these companies stickers on my car, they will notice me and give me free parts"


"I modified (in other words it fell off or they cut the whole thing off) my exhaust so i can get more hp"


"These carbon fiber rims will knock off 5 seconds off my 1/4 mile time".....Sorry some kid actually said this lol....ROFL

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"I like your body kit man......looks sweet" (I only have the OEM optional kit w/ ITR front lip......no bodykit)


"How much hp you runnin' in that thing?" (Sorry, didn't bother dyno'ing my I/H/E GSR with stock ECU)


"That thing fast?" (Um, it's a nearly stock Integra......NO.....she handles like a dream)


V Followed by the one above

"Wanna race?"


My response

"Sure." I then offer to race them at the upcoming autocross event and tell them that street racing is dumb. This offer is quickly declined for some ridiculous excuse.

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my friend dean told me these one day:


"twin turbo means a supercharger and a turbocharger and if they have two turbochargers its called twin turbocharged."




"my stock 92 camry is faster than your old civic"


and this priceless one


"my dad just sent me a chip thats going to get me 45 mpg in my camry"

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this one kid at in-n-out burger saw me in my white ej6 when i had an B18B (in its early stage) and asked if i had vtec and i said, "nah, its just an ls, no vtec". he had a vx model eh2 with the d15 vtec and thought just cause he had vtec he could take me. he wanted to race so i went for it but i said i had no money, ill race you for your car. he wanted to decline but i said thats p*ssy crap if you back down to a girl.


so we raced, i won and he tried to bitch out saying i jumped the line too soon. i said bullcrap, give me your car. he didnt want to so i called my somoan friends that lived down the street to came straighten this kid out. they scared the sh*t out of him and got his car for me and he cried saying his parents are gonna kill him but i kept it anyway. like a week later i returned the car to his parents and explained the whole thing and they thought it was kind of funny. i told them where i work and now theyre one of my regular guests. pretty neat, eh?

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Funniest sh*t evAr.


My cousin and myself are riding in his '01 F250 with the huge ass exhaust system you buy aftermarket and all..it's chipped, has quite a few mods and is actually relatively fast to be a crewcab on 20"s with mud tires wrapped around..


Needless to say we roll up on this mid 90's Accord with a wing, euro tails and white painted steelies..


Dude had his window down, my cousin actually revved on him in the diesel. We take off, the sheer soot that the exhaust from the F250 was putting out FILLED his cab and he had to turn off to open up the doors and windows.


Gave me a nasty case of the rofflitis.

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