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My car has new shoes.


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I got them today from a guy on craigslist. They are dirty btw. I hope you guys like them, I will post more tomorrow when it is day light out.

They are 17" g-racing Kuji rims with 205/40/R17s on them. Now gotta look into lowering the car.


The old rims I will be selling shortly.









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Haha. I can't see the pictures but I was gonna put 17" mr7s on my sol back in the day before I realized how much they would slow me down.


I actually really like the look of them. They're so simple they look like they could be stock, which is what I like. To me, cars with aftermarket wheels often look cheap even if they're really nice wheels for some reason.

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The funny thing is that he had a pair of motegi mr7s as well. But I liked the white better then the silver. and after picking both up, these weighted alot lighter.


Don't worry liz, These are still dirty and you can come help clean them up.


I glad you guys like them. I just gotta work on getting a new tire cause one of them are bad, somebody slashed one.


What is a good tire or tires to get.

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naw it is yellow from crazy pollen attack. They love my top so much I dunno why.


But the interior is falling apart. The targa top handles broke and so did both door handles. So it sucks. I looking to replace all of the handles. for about 70 bucks from honda and that is oem. Have not hit the junk yard yet.

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