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So this is kinda random


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but I was thinking earlier about a trip I'd made to PA back in Jan 2006. We went up there spur of the moment to buy two cars- both 2nd gen preludes, both going for about $200 each. I know one of them was on ebay, but I cant help but keep thinking the other one was found on here. Or maybe it was preludepower.com but I'm pretty sure it was a honda forum, not a prelude one. And since so many of ya'll are from PA, maybe you'd know. I know, its really wierd and random, but its just really bugging me. I dont talk to the guys I went up there with anymore so I can't ask them where they found it or who they bought it off. Plus, we sold it off a couple of months later.


So, anyone know of someone who sold a blue $200 2nd gen prelude outside of Philly back in Jan '06? there wasn't anything wrong with it- just a busted out headlight from hitting a deer.

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the one in philly was just something that had sat in someones driveway for a while- it had been their grandmothers so it had almost no mileage on it for its age, it had been really well taken care of both interior and exterior and after a while they decided they just didnt have the time to work on it like they'd planned so they were just trying to get rid of it as quick as possible. the other one which was in bangor had a few issues- the boys ended up having to change the spark plugs & battery before we could even buy it, when it finally started up it billowed black exhaust, the heat & a/c didnt work and about a half hour from home the timing belt snapped. It had loads of rust & body damage too. Which is why it was on ebay. lol.

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