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clattering sound when cold


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Lately I've noticed a sound coming from my motor/tranny. It sounds almost like the clatter of a diesel engine or like a motor that's knocking, but it's only when it's really cold and I first start driving and it's only when the car is in gear. It's not my motor, cause I revved it up in neutral and it doesn't make the noise. But when I'm in gear and giving it gas, it makes the noise.


Also, it's become harder to put it in 5th while it's cold too.


Any ideas?


(d15b7 w/manual trans) (95 civic hatch)

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sounds like a throw out bearing had one go out on me before on my s10. just get a new clutch kit and replace it all, thats your best bet. since you have to take it apart anyways. it will cost you about $100-$150 for the kit

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what could hapen is , the retainers that hold the balls in place in the inner and outer races of the bearing , eventually(if they havent already) will come out and get chewed up by the tranny. than your bearings balls will be floating free , very no good. if those balls find thier way out of the bearing , bye bye tranny. not to mention the added play in the mainshaft itself puts heat on everything else.

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