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Wanna hear something stupid?


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So after a trip from the hooka lounge in our small town, We head to wal mart to chill and we (including liz) know this guy named evo. He real name is michael but we call him evo for short. He has made the STUPIDEST comment you could ever make that night.


He drives a evo 8 and the evo 8's have a carbon fiber spoiler. So the clear coat was coming off the spoiler and this a factory issue known with the evo 8's. There is recall on them and they will fix it since the factory messed up. Well he didn't know that.


Okay listen up. He thought it was coming off cause he was going so fast in the evo. Going fast= Clear coat coming off?

How does that work? Hell at that rate. My paint would start peeling off.


We all wanted to slap him.

Don't you agree.

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it's in the rice patrol thread. and it was an eclipse if i remember correctly, a white one.




Edit: Here it is




IS ..





Pure, unbridled motherfracking win. LOL.

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wow that is stupid ass hell lol, but the vid was funny crap, im just curious about the evo guy if he only has one brain cell how did he get the money to afford a evo ocho in the first place???


hes in the navy. and can barely afford it.

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we all smoked it. The worst part is that I posted the same story to the evolutionm.net forum and I got flamed and Pissed a bunch of people off. So I don't think I am going back to that forum again. I just there cause of a friend. I will stick to my honda forum where I know everybody.


What is SVTR?

Who would ever come up with that?

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