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Hi, I own a 97 Honda accord EX (2.0L engine) and i wanted to know the possibility of installing fog lamps and Xenon lights into the accord.

If installing the fog lamps, it will have to fit flush into the front bumper and be to OEM specs. What level of work will be required for this as to the best of my knowledge, the car is not wired for fog lamps, nor does it have a particular switch to turn them on or off.Also regarding the xenon lights, is there any way to instal them without changing the entire headlight assy? If not, how hard will it be to install halogens in place of the regular bulb.




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Two things:


One, a company called Depot in the Asian market sells OEM knock-offs of 1994-1997 Honda Accord foglights. You find them on ebay every once in a while. You can tell your buying the knock-offs cause the seller will NOT post a picture of the box they come in nor while he/she give the Honda part number for the foglight kits. The installation is straight forward and you need limited knowledge of all things mechanical as the company even includes a photocopy of the Honda installation instructions.


Two, you can put Xenons on anything, you can put xenons in you kitchen light if that blows your whistle, so yes, it is possible. There is an issue with how to do it right. The beam path needs a good cut-off, which can be acheived with an open lamp design or with a projector housing. The OEM housing does not have adequate geometry to provide a good cut-off, so I would replace the housing with a projector housing. There are many options, some look stupid, some look good. You're in luck that the good looking ones are designed for the Xenon upgrade, downside is that they are costly. There is a company that sells a kit, headlamp assembly and all ~$900. Look around for this as it is the best bet your purchase will not destroy itself (fire, melting, water leaks, etc.).

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Thanks for the advice, I think the fog lamps are my priority, the xenons are more like a side project.. The thing with the fog lamps and the laws for them back home are that they have to fit flush into the car and have to be to OEM specs or they are against the law.

Il see what this translates to when i really get them and can begin the process of mounting them up.


Anyway, thanks again

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This is what I am talking about, actually, the one I found is cheaper, $559. All DOT approved.






"The perfect touch for a 1994-1997 Honda Accord these stylish chrome finished lights will boost both light performance and looks. This street legal upgrade to the Xenon HID replaces your entire existing headlamp housing and provides compliant and functional usability for any driver hoping to improve their headlights output. Don’t risk putting rebased bulbs in your non-HID stock headlamp housing. Get the real thing as well as peace of mind with the three year warranty."

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