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keeping it true to the roots of the rex

help needed

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:drew: can any d series engine be directly droped into a 2nd gen crx without have to buy mounts or do big fabrications? also a good recommindation on the best d series engine its going to be a daily driver with some power.

D series? yeah direct drop


yeah it's a 1989 but i dont know if i would like to drop a b16 in to it cause it takes more cash for the engine and also the mounts for the engine. another thing is will it have any problems passing a smog test with the b16 in it and is it legal in cali???

smog, yeah it will fail if you live in cali, unless you get every single smog emissions from an original civic with a b16a equiped, then it will pass.


legal? sure

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ok so if i go with the b16 then i would have to go the extra mile to make it legal.>_< now if i go with any D-series will it be the same as the b16 in the sense of emission parts? if so im gonna sell the rex and buy a rsx type s f*ck it going K. or import a rex from canada for 6 grand lefty with lsd and b16 can you say pipe dream? leon casino the master crx builder in cali had some imported to cali easy so he says.:thumbsup:

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