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5th Gen Accord USDM: EDM Rear Fog Light (not UKDM)

James Matteu

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This is how to put one of these on your rear bumper:




Why EDM and not UKDM? The Honda Rear Fog Light belongs behind the driver (the left side here in the US). Sourcing a Honda Rear Fog Light from a Left-Hand-Drive (LHD) country is preferable. Honda Rear Fog Lights sourced from the United Kingdom, Japan, etc. are designed to go on the right side of the bumper; as is the same in all Right-Hand-Drive (RHD) countries. The Honda Rear Fog Light can be sourced from a RHD country, but the fitment will not be to spec if flipped and installed on the Driver's side (US). The Honda Rear Fog Light is supposed to produce a beam of light that is level with the ground. As such, the Honda Rear Fog Bumper Assembly is designed to fit the curvature of the 5th Gen bumper. If RHD equipment is used on the Left side, the curvature of the Honda Rear Fog Bumper Assembly forces the Rear Fog Light to be aimed slightly torward the ground.



Dremel 561 Multipurpose Cutting Bit with 1/8" steel shank


New (sharp) razor


5" Serrated Knife


Philips Head Screw Driver


10mm socket


3/8" drive Ratchet





Parts Group #26, Honda P/N

#4 Gasket, Honda P/N

#5 Screw, Honda P/N

#25 Stanley Lens #049-8344, red, 6" x 2 1/16"

#28 21W Single Filament Bulb. I used a Sylvania 1073 (12.8V, 23W), though any bulb with an output of at least 21W, a single filament, and a BA15s bayonet mount will work.

Pictured, but not numbered:

Stanley Reflector #041-7293, white

Single Filament Bulb Base

Two Pin Connector







Parts Group #24 Rear Fog Bumper Assembly, Honda P/N 71515-SV1-0000

#45 Front Combination Light Nut, Honda P/N 90303-SA5-0033


#23 Rear Fog Trim, Honda P/N 71511-SV1-0000

#57 Screw, Honda P/N











It looks as if the harness (fabricated or bought) will have to be run through a grommet.







The goal is to create this circuit.








more to come...




Reasons for adding a rear fog light:

It rains so hard here in Florida that people often pull over for lack of visibility. I usually keep truckin' when I have a fresh coat of RainX, but always keep an eye behind me just in case the person behind me is too close. I want to be sure I am seen from behind in these reduced-visibility adverse weather conditions.




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The Plan:


Research Phase 1: Background Information


Find out why some cars have a Rear Fog Lamp and some don't -Done, some countries adhere to the Economic Commission of Europe Regulation 48 and some do not. The ECE R48 defines the rear lamp intensity as being between 150 and 300 candelas and located a minimum of 10cm from any other light source.

Find out if Honda uses a third part manufacturer -Incomplete.


Stanley makes the lenses, but I have no idea who makes the rest of the stuff.

Find out if there is any difference in the left and right lamps -Incomplete.


There appears to be a difference between the left and right with regard to the black housing behind the lamp in that it should sheild the wires from water splashing up from below. I appears that using a left lamp on the right would reverse this and sheild the top of the connector, rather than the bottom. Same might go for using a right lamp (UKDM or JDM) on the left.

Obtain a wiring diagram for an Accord with Rear Fog Lamps -Done.


Research Phase 2: Invested Research


Purchase a 1997 Acura CL Heated Seat Switch Assembly -Done.


Purchase one of the following: Accord Rear Fog Switch Assembly -Done.

Research Phase 3: The Switch


Plan A:

A.1: Use the 1997 Acura CL Heated Seat Switch Assembly (which controls both Driver and Passenger Side Heaters) in place of the 1999 Acura CL Driver Side Heated Seat Switch -Done, it fits!

A.2: Use a Civic Rear Fog Lamp Switch in place of the 1999 Acura CL Passenger Side Heated Seat Switch. -On standby.


Plan B:

B.1: Use the 1997 Acura CL Heated Seat Switch Assembly (which controls both Driver and Passenger Side Heaters) in place of the 1999 Acura CL Driver Side Heated Seat Switch -Done, it fits!

B.2: Change the symbol on the 1999 Acura CL Passenger Side Heated Seat Switch to the symbol for the Rear Fog Light along with changing the indicator light from green to orange or red. -Incomplete. I purchased 1000 and 2000 grit sand paper, white and satin black spray paint.


Plan C: Use two relays: one Normally Open Relay and one Normally Closed Relay. The Normally Open Relay would be wired in series to get voltage from the Front Fog Lamp Switch Assembly. The Normally Open Relay would also interrupt the Rear Fog Ground Wire. The second relay, the Normally Closed Relay, would be wired in series to the Cruise Control Main Switch Assembly ground. The second relay would interrupt the ground wire from the first relay. The desired result would be that Rear Fog Lamp would not come on until I : a) switch on the Front Fog Lamps, and b) power down the Cruise Control System. I ride with the Cruise Control System on all the time, but never use it in conditions where I would have reduced visibility. -On standby.


Preparation Phase 1: Fabrication pt. 1

Create the wiring harness(es) and obtain the grommets needed to pass same through the chassis at the rear. Make all necessary changes to the switches. -Incomplete.


Preparation Phase 2: Procurement

Obtain the Rear Fog Lamp -Done

Preparation Phase 3: Fabrication pt. 2

If and only if necessary (based on Prep Phase 2), create a stencil for the part of the Rear Bumper that needs to be trimmed to make room for the Rear Fog Lamp. Take the Rear Bumper to a body shop to have them cut out the section. -TBD.


Execution Phase:

Install the Rear Fog Lamp and Switch. -ETA: Unknown.



Projected Costs:

Light and wire: $200

Switch: $30


Budget: $300


Money Spent So Far:

$120.00 EDM Rear Foglight, bracket, switch, and wiring


Total Money Spent: $120.00

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