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NHRA drag


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today in the morning...


burnout first






fastest one I saw was 4.84 sec.



the raffle was for a box of tools, 4 pistons, 2 connecting rods.

when they called my ticket number...YAAAY! :D


detonated piston



and when he had to sign it, they were gonna clean it and I said no just clean a small area...I want it dirty...hehe...

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yea it was my first drag event i've been to. yea those top fuel and funny cars are suuper loud. they were settin car alarms off blocks away ahha. i left around 1pm cause i had to get home and work on a ceramics project.


it was fun over all tho. i bet if was really into drag racing i woulda been in heaven being in the booth thingy i was in.

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