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changing a head gasket


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drain rad

undo rad hoses from head

undo heater core hoses behind head

remove the 1 small coolant line from IACV that stays

undo throttle cable

remove distributor

undo any wiring from head , TPS , MAP , IACV , PCSV , etc.

remove vacuum lines

youl have to get under the car and undo the bracket that goes from the intake manny to the block

undo the exhaust from the head , and split the manifold(good luck)

take off valve cover

crack timing belt tensioner bolt under rubber grommet in middle of timing covers , pull slack into timing belt , retighten tensioner for now

remove timing belt from head after marking where it meets the cam wheel , and DO NOT turn engine over from here on out or the cam.

crack the head bolts starting outside in , loosening them only half turn at a time till they are finger loose

jiggle loose and remove head(head bolts must go back in same holes)

clean both surfaces with the proper tool , scotchbrite pads work well , or steel wool , or the proper grit material removing pads for cleaning alluminum

make sure the surface of block and head is godly clean , place new head gasket in place on block

you and another person slowly lower head into place till dowell pins are in and head sits tight , watch out for oil remnants spilling from head when reinstalling

reinstall head bolts till taught

torque them from the middle out , in 2 steps , once to 25 lbs , than to 50.

reinstall timing belt onto cam , line mark you made up

crack tensioner bolt , slack will auto come out

now with tensoner bolt loose about a half turn , turn the engine over counterclockwise by the main ully about 2 inches , and tighten tensioner back up.

once you get timing belt back on and tight , turn the main pully till the single mark lines up with the pointer on lower timing cover. with that mark lined up as so , make sure the arrow on the cam points straight up , if it does , move on


reinstall everything else the way it came off. this was qick so any qiestions or if anyone sees i missed somin , point it out guys , i rushed , lol.

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thxs man i got every thing off marked timing belt..tomorrow bringing head to levines to get pressured tested for cracks or nething then gonan start putting new gaskets on..whole kit cost me like 150 bucks... tehn ill put every thing back tomorrow

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