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98 Civic Timing Belt Replacement - Cost


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I'm sure this is a frequent and possibly annoying question, but I hope a few of you will indulge me. I need a timing belt replacement. What is the typically price? The mechanic I spoke with quoted me $475, which includes the water pump and the other belts (AC, Alternator). Other mechanics have told me $350, so when I said $475 seemed high, he suggested that it's because he always uses only "Honda" parts, which are "much higher quality" and of course more expensive. I'm skeptical that the "Honda" parts are any different than other brand name parts. (Afterall, doesn't Honda simply source their parts from these same suppliers?? This is Marketing 101).


I'm in a bit of a bind here...since my car is at this guy's shop (he's looking into other issues too) and I'll need to make a decision soon.


All advice is much appreciated!




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