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When i bought my del sol back in november they came with rims on it.

But not the stock ones, they are honda rims for sure cause they all say honda motor corp. on them

but i don't know which car they came off. My friend thinks there are prelude rims.

They look just like them but, the ones I saw that looked just like them are 5 lug.

Tell me what you think. btw, the extra print on the rims are 14x51/2jj 45.

Sorry for the dark pic, it was dark when i took the photo.



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i was commenting that the ones on my civic were what I thought were the crx rims


the ones in his pic remind me of old prelude rims, but its hard to tell cause the pic is so dark.

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from what i am reading these rims are rare and good looking.

but what i can tell either are they late gen crx or a early prelude.

I looked all over the net to see if I can find what car they came off.

The guy who painted them did a good job, it looks like a clear coat is on there to. No primer black here.

I would sell them but I would need to replace what I have on there. Those are my only set of rims and tires.


What would be a good way to get the paint off and make they silver again all without messing up the wheel?


Here are some good lucking daylight pics with the honda logo and misc numbers on the rims.

(sorry, they are dirty)




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sure they were crx? i thought the mini-blades from the crx were 13's? like these, unless I miss-identified these wheels too:




those were optional for all 92-95 civics. dx models got steelies, lx and ex models got hubcaps. i remember because when my mom bought her 92 civic sedan she opted for those wheels for like $500 extra.

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