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hello :]


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whats up? im liz. i dont really know why i joined.. lol i love crx's and hatchys. but i dont drive a civic. i drive two awesome cars..


1993 3000gt vr4

2005 scion xB.


the vr4 has plenty of mods, but i just recently bent the valves after the last turbo upgrade..

the xB isnt stock either, but not many mods done to it at all. :]



view pics of my vr4? [link to my forum!]


the xB pics arent updated.. but heres some of when it was stock


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welcome to HF beers cold and free. Nice VR4 the xB didn't work





Edit: Scratch that it works. not a bad looking xB either

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thanks. like i said, it isnt stock anymore. its lowered and has a few good mods.. it looks a lot different. i'll be looking for some rims here soon since i can use civic rims...


btw.. like rice? join my forum.



xb front end pic:



and its lowered like...2.5 inches more than in that pic.

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welcome Liz :) nice cars...so planning to get a crx? what would you do to it?


Turbo :] lol.



I laughed when I read you hit one of your own cars with the other.


i still laugh about it every day i see the dents.. :] but it happens, smart people do stupid things.

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LOL thats great.. now thats just retarded.. "hey, im gonna beat you." " not if i hit you first" haha. and yeah. my friend with the performance shop is gonna help me turbo it when i get it. if i sell the vr4 thats what im getting.

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