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Which Shiftknob to get??


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Hi everyone! Im planning on getting my boyfriend a shift knob from sparco. He has a 95 honda civic hatch so i wanna get him a little something. I dont know which of these to get, any opinions even diff brand? Thanks in advance :thumbsup:





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yeah of those, id say the second or third as well. also check out MOMO along with skunk2, or even greddy. do you have pics of his car so we can see what else hes done


Well he had another 92 hatch before and had done work on it but he sold it to get the new one he has now which is the 95 hatch and its red. He hasnt done work on it yet but hes gonna start by spring. I wanted to find him a nice shift knob for now which i also found some nice pedal covers from sparco too im planning to get him too, and then hopefully get him some rims for his bday, stereo or HID lights.. and some other accessories i can get to go along with it. As soon as he starts working on it im gonna post pics around his bday(june) so you guys can give me good opinions and what else he would need :happy:

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any sites were they sell nice skunk 2 shift knobs? i saw some right now and honestly didnt like them at all. Maybe because im a girl and i tend to like what looks nice to me lol but i do know he likes sparco a lot and jdm and skunk 2. Any specific sites and specific shift knob i can look at ?

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I don't care for any of those. I've never used a Skunk2, but mine is carbon fiber and weighs about 2-3 ounces. I like the way the lightweight feels. perfect combo for me with my short shifter. It's really personal preference and you should get whatever you like.

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