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Need to buy something for that someone special?


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(sorry if this is in the wrong forum, or isn't allowed. I didnt see anything that said I couldnt.)


anyway, I just started working for Avon. They're a cosmetics company, but they sell a bunch of other stuff including jewelry, fragrances, mens products, clothes, handbags, shoes, etc. I just got my online sales set up and I'd be really happy if you'd at least check it out & keep it in mind. I can ship directly to anywhere in the states. They're super affordable and have great quality stuff (hah, you can't find that in the drug store!) so they're perfect for gifts for loved ones or even if you want a little pampering for yourself! Avon's been around since the late 1800's and have always maintained a very value for money ethic.


Please help me out. I have to prove to Chris that I can make a decent living doing this- he's super skeptical about it all. Plus, it's our only income at the moment as he can't work from having shattered his ankle last week & I've been a housewife for the past 6 months.



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it's more about local contacts that you can get lexi get as many of your friends to spread the word for you, church (if you're into that) is a good place to get some contacts. basically every woman (or vast majority) use makeup so it's more about getting those everytime i need some i will come to you type of women. good luck

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Organize a party, most everyone who attends will feel obligated to buy at least one item. Try to invite friends of friends or friends of family members, etc, as well so the word spreads a little and keep going from there.

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