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New ideas for my del sol


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Alright so i know i was going to paint it black and pink but now i think we're going with a pearl white and a pink star design(what the star design looks like im not too sure)... sound good for a girly del sol?


i hope it is cause the guy is buyin the paint tomorrow cause he has two weeks to paint it before i take it to a car show :D

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well when i first got the car i wanted it pearl white with baby pink.. but then i went to black with hot pink but i'm kinda worried there might be a wave or something with the body that we dont feel (some dumb people had it before me and it has minor body damage all over the place that i didnt know was there until inspecting the car today) so i went back to the white idea


but instead of a baby pink that wont show up i think hes doing a hot pink and pearl white.. he showed me the colors and some sketches he made up.. it'll be a good paint job and i'm hopin it contrasts enough


i'll have pics in like 2 weeks after hes done with it.. and i think im going to go with silver rims.. i dont know yet..

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what would go with your personality? imo that's what matters too...


white/baby pink is soft and sweet girly


black/hot pink stands out more and is more spicy...


white and hot pink and then silver rims? is that enough contrast?


I used to want to get a white car and drop it a lot and then on the sides have pink and purple arc lines...I'm into trance though so that would go with me... :)


will wait for your pics :)

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why does it need to be "girly", just because you're a girl



i never understood that


it doesnt have to be.. but i want it that way


i have two other cars.. one is t-top firebird that is red.. and the other one a a 84 b2000 that im puttin a 302 in right now and everythin is black and blue(thats not girly)


but i just wanted something pink... and im not painting the whole thing pink.. some girl has a pink civic around town thats all pink and it looks just bad..


and right now i have some wci rims but there black and i'm borrowing my friends 18's for the car show i think... i have no idea what rims i want for it.. i'll have to see the finished paint job before i decide(not getting chrome... i'll get silver)


i'll have pics soon.. i'm givin the guy the car tonight to start on it

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There's some black and pink car around here. Prob a Civ, can't remember though. It had a pink aluminum spoiler as well, and some decal on the back window (can't remember what it said, but something ridiculous), and the licence plate says "UWANTME" or something to that effect.


Car is pretty ridiculous but definitely an attention getter if that's what you want. I was thinking the owner might be a hot chick ~18 yo. But I actually saw her come out of Autozone one day and it was the ugliest smoker-faced 50 yo woman I've ever seen. bleh


When you paint a car like that, I hope you're not expecting a large customer base when trying to sell later. !!!

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I like just a touch of personality...doesn't exactly have to be what the world thinks is "girly" hehe...


the only pink thing that I have relating to cars is my black license plate frame with hot pink sparkly Metallica font "unpredictable"




pics will be nice :)

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im going for mechanical engineering.. im doing good so far.. im still in my freshman year though


but okay so i dropped the car off at the paint place tonight and on the way back what else did i see but one of pink civics i was talking about.. i tried gettin a pic of it to show how dumb it looks(stock rims and stock everything else) but this is the only one i could get





o and i took pics today of the crappy black before i gave it to the guy so i'd have before and after pics(the paint chipped off a lot of the car so no crap talking i know the front bumper was multi colored):






it looks like crap hahaha


but there are crappier cars then mine.. i'll have after pics soon

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is that stock height? hmmm...g'luck with the paint job.


There used to be a pink Civic HB around here. Saw it all the time...just wahhh-WAHHHHHHH!-ing every where. one day I saw the driver and it was a dude. Ehhhh...the following year the car was a lavender? light purple...whatever...it was UGLY.

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it wont be stock height when i get it back from the shop


but yah my luck is this: drop the car off last night to get painted.. go to drive my firebird to work and the throttle body injector doesnt feel like working!!!! and my truck is still in the shop.. so i have nothin to drive!

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well see its not i didnt have a car.. i technically had three haha


but i fixed the car.. it just had a clogged throttle body injector.. it ran fine today so i guess im good


i have no idea when im gettin the truck back but the del sol should have paint on it by thursday! :thumbsup:

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