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what is my car worth?


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1989 CRX Si

B16A Vtec with LSD Trans

New falken tires / Mugen RNR Rims

JDM Parts:


Good condition SI Seats

Gauge cluster

Body kit

Good black paint job, straight body


I can post pictures tomorrow. Anyone know what my car is worth?

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modifications dont increase the value any unless they are very good quality and you sell to an enthusiast that knows what the parts are worth. in ca youll most likey get the kbb value. when i had my first itr, i put about 15k into that car and sold it and only got blue book value. aftermarket mods dont increase the value any.

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In my experience, you won't get any extra......many times, even with an enthusiast. You'll have to have the Exact mods that they want for them to pay extra for it. If any thing (to a normal buyer), you can deduct 25-50% of each mod from the total price. I know I personally would pay less for a car with body kit, rims, and gauge cluster than for a stock car....and I'm an enthusiest. You'll run into that even more with somebody who isn't an enthusiest.

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If the hatch is the one with the bronze tinted glass, then I'd suggest removing that and posting it for sale on enthusiast forums and/or eBay. It's a rare part, and could go for a decent price. I'd buy it right now if I had extra cash to throw into the CR-X at the moment. There isn't much to paint on the hatch, so if it's a custom color (not a stock CRX color), then you could get the color put in a rattle can if you wouldn't be able to have it sprayed.


Depending on mileage and running condition, you could probably get $2500-3000 fairly easy.

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