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your favourite foods?


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organic/whole wheat tortillas! :D


Lexi, did you see the link I posted for the recipes?


i havent had a chance to yet today. I've just started working for Avon as of today and i've been super busy. I've got it bookmarked though & i promise I'll have a look as soon as i can.

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it's all good :) anytime...and ask me any questions...I'll try my best to help :)


how's the job going? you like it? I've heard it works well if you go to the ladies' rooms when all are looking into the mirror and thinking about makeup/lip color stuff...they buy it right there!

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its definitely going to be interesting to see if i can do well at this. I mean, I know enough people that surely someone will buy something... but im not sure how many i can convince that they really must buy stuff. lol. I talked to my dad tonight about marketing and advertising (he has a masters in business) and he had some pretty good ideas that I'll try. So far its just filling out lots and lots of paperwork and trying to set everything up. I need to have about $200 worth of orders by Friday or Sunday though... eek!!

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A korean dish I made up...just a little twist


Spicy pork stirfry:


~Chop suey style pork

~Crushed red pepper


~carrot slices

~Green Onions

~Sesame Oil


basically cook all the ingredients prior to adding the red pepper....you want to add the red pepper last, and add half a teaspoon and keep adding till its spicy or enough for yourself...its very crucial for you to do this, because the pepper makes this dish magic :) Once you add the pepper cook for another minute stirring it for that next minute, and VOILA you made a kick a$$ korean dish...best served with white rice :)

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No problem! I hope you enjoy it, cause if not im going to have to regulate...lol j/k. NOT GROUND PEPPER, i need to stress that so immensely, a few of my friends i told the receipe used ground pepper lol

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