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Hello, I have a sweet 93 del sol, and well recently registered the auto in Washington DC, which entails aquiring new plates. As it was late and cold I put the new plates in the rear window sill, which having forgotten and letting the window down an inch the plate fell down between the front and rear portions that typically will store a properly lowered rear window. I can't seem to reach the plate from the top and feel I must remove some hardware to rescue the plate and enable a safe housing for the rear window. Anybody know how to do this? Already I have popped off the covering, the same that allows access to the screws for the speaker housing, but wonder how I should continue to proceed taking things apart...any help is welcomed, thanks

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yah i did that when i first got mine rolled it down to see if the windows worked and there went my plate. well they got it out when i had to take it for detailing the next day. umm not sure but they said it took like 20min..good luck tho

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same... pull panels... take out bolts just be careful that you only take bolts out necessary to remove the metal wall, as there are also ones that mount the entire window track and motor assembly to the wall, dont remove those or you will have to get that all lined up again, not too hard just extra pain in the ass. Good luck with it!

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