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I was thinking about getting a b16a2 complete change over from a 92-93 integra xsi for my 92 hatch it comes with everything I need to swap into my car (complete motor, uncut wiring harness, axles, halfshaft, ecu, stock motor mounts which i really dont know if it will work in my hatch and a cable transmission) my question is this: I have an automatic transmission and I know im going to have to change over to manual for this swap and I need to know if the clutch pedal assembly and shifter assembly from an 89 civic hatch will work with this and if a cable tranny will be easy to install into my car... I know the car was designed for a hydro but but im going to saem 650 dollars if I go with a cable, plus i dont plan on racing this car so I dont think ill have to worry about breaking a shifter fork in the tranny, I just want to have a good amount more power in the car

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