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My clothing line website


I been working hard on the website and so far its looking GREAT!!!

I will keep updating it as soon as I get more free time.

Hope everyone likes it so far, there is a lot more to be added.



PLEASE take the moment to read the stuff I have added to see where

I'm going with my company and my plans.


Have a look at it and let me know what you think.





Nostrum Ink

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looks pretty sweet man. but you might want to check the spelling. should be "our" main goal instead of "are." when you click on it the rest of it is correct, just that tab is messed up. other than that looks good

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Thanks for the comments. Im working on more designs just need to make some time to draw with my new job and all. Im working on some sneakers right now and some jeans hope everything works out for me. :)


here is my design so far.



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then fix these too: :)


under "home": it says "were" but it should be "where"


under "our main goal": it says "become a corporations" change that to "corporation"


and it's "raising" but it says "rasing"...


nice theme and all :)


omfg woman you're ruining the fun.

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