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Headlights out


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So last week one of my friends hit a deer with his teg, he has a 90 i have a 91, anyway my car is off the road right now so I offered him my headlights to use for the time being cause im not using them and he would do the same for me. Well last night we put them back in when we did we got the left side hook up and i realized the groud for the fan wasnt hooked up so I bolted it down, as soon as i did this all the lights went out like everything, but the turnsignals and 4 ways work. I didnt know if i could have shorted something out or what but the fan is on a switch. I didnt get a chance to look it over yet im just stummped, so any help or advice would be more than helpful.

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Yea thats what I figured i just didnt get a chance to check everything yet and i just didnt know if there was something weird that could have happened, plus the fact that the fan is on a switch i didnt really thing that would have affected the lights. Thanks guys.

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