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I may let the 'Teg rest for awhile..


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Especially after seeing this .. lol.



All I'd have to do is get my hands on the exhaust components and the blower, not to mention the cams and I'd be identical. My injectors are set for F/I, as is my MAF Sensor..it'd just have to be tweaked upon giving said F/I..


Maaaaaaaan. 5.4 is teh bomb diggity. Who said modular motors can't lope?!

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LOL should be the other way 'round..


My last Harley F150 had a ported Eaton M112 blower (factory equipment, just with a port), and it too was a 2000 model..which meant it was EXT Cab..substantially lighter than it's Super-crew counterparts. :)


And it showed. Lol. Lard asses couldn't hang.

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F-body wasn't a chassis that Ford put out. That was GM, and that's why my WS6 was.


Sup -- j00r Caddy be a lil slow m8. Would be pimp sh*t. Super clean car, and that's one of my FAVORITE body styles.


I'm not deadset on selling the Integra..I may keep it. Dunno yet. Depends on how soon my truck is back on the road.

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