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so yes as we know my beloved pats are going to the super bowl as predicted, going for 19-0. anyway just wondering what everyone is doing. I know theres a bunch of peeps in CA that are somewhat close, maybe, if you guys wanna hang out and watch it. I have a movie theatre in my apartment with big ol projection screen and lots of couches and sex chairs (lina) where we will be watching the game, so yeah, anyone is welcome. if not, i hope you die, and what is everyone else doing for it?

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well der, but were they even close? or are you one of those few dolphin fans that still remain?


well youre from florida so Buc or Jag fan possibly? but you also seem like you could be a Favre or cowboy fan as well

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me and my roomy were actually debating driving up to glendale and tailgating with the drunkies, then put on chef hats and say were cooks, then go watch the game.


and yes it works, his dad did that and got into the world series

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we're just having a few friends over for a pot-luck style party, as we dont have the money to pay for food & drinks for everyone, but we are the only ones with a 52-inch tv. I'm only interested in the commercials. lol.

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My Eagles aren't in it as you all know, so I don't care about the Superbowl this year....i'll just go party and not watch a single second of it...


Anywho...Brian Dawkins > ALL



18-0 > brian dawkins :)

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