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new look for 08


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well as you kno im sure you guys know what my sol used to look like. well ever since i hit that comaro that ran a red light i going for a new look.

Mugen front and side, with buddy club rear. finally going to put my roadmagnet 2inch drop springs on and omni power cambers. dropn the wing. oem style carbon fiber hood. and i can have any paint job i want lol.since i got a company sponcering me to paint it. since i got to car shows and all that mess. so im still tryn to come up with how i want to paint it. any ideas would be great

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i wish but we are not changing the engine bay. lol im thinking blackchrome on top 2 tone.

























Or paint it that really awesome copper color that GM (I think it's GM) has on some of there cars.

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eventually i may get cf trunk and top..lol but yah thats what im saying i want it go with it. but my painter is like man thats played out. lets do something sick with this beast.

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Honda's Moonrock Metallic or BMW's Sparkling Graphite Metallic. I think grey/gunmetal is one awesome color for a car.









(Altho I'm partial to White)



Oh...I agree. Gunmetal is the best color for Del Sol's. Some of my fav del sol's period are gunmetal.

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