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What happened to YOUR first car?


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Pictures of pictures..Didn't scan them to a disk or anything..


Sole reminder of my first car.






.. At least what was left of it. Lol, domestic surprise anyone?


List of vehicles I've owned in order --


1994 Ford Mustang/1993 Honda Civic CX/2000 Honda Civic CX/2000 Harley Davidson F150/2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6/1994 Acura Integra LS/2000 Harley Davidson F150 (nonsupercharged this time :()

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Yea..if you'll note the first picture ..that was the side of that f150 that hit the tree that I spun her 80 year old ass into. I plowed the passenger side of her truck when she stopped int he middle of the road while it was raining.


I'm completely convinced that had I been in one of my Honda's I'd have probably been hurt. I slid into her going about 40 mph from damn near point blank range..

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I don't have any pics...but my first car was a


96 Hyundai Elantra....$600....lasted 1 year, but replaced too many things to name and finally gave up when exhaust manifold cracked....donated to charity



98 Mercury Sable....$4,000....lasted 3 weeks before I smashed it into the side of a cliff, going to college in the snow, first day of spring semester

(winter of 05-06)


01 Civic LX Coupe....$4,500....lasted 1 year before some (female dog) smashed into the back of me in dead stop traffic on the way to college 3rd day of fall semester

(06-07) I have pics of this one but I'm sure everybody has seen it already and has had enough


05 Civic EX Coupe....$13,900


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First car - 1993 K5 Chevrolet Blazer. Sold it to some black guy a couple towns over for $5000. I still kinda wish I had it, but things just kept breaking and I didn't want to deal with it anymore.



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my first car was originally my dads- a '97 ford escort that he'd never taken care of & he'd told me to ignore the check engine light on it. 2 days after I got it, it died with a squeal, shake and a thud. Apparently it'd dropped a valve into the engine or something like that and it was totalled. he'd wanted to install a new engine in it, but i convinced him to take the offer he'd had of $600 for the chassis and buy me something reliable instead. So I ended up with a '99 VW Jetta that I sold in summer 2006. I miss that car so much.

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I wish I had pics :sad:


1st 90 Cavalier - 1 year - from $4500 to $600 in 12 months. I put 45k on it and two accidents.

2nd 91 Regal - 1 year - put over 50k on it in 12 months. Sold it to my sister when she turned 16.

3rd 86 Monte Carlo - 1 year - Self built SBC 350 with 4 bolt main, bored .30. 10.5:1 pistons, wiend stealth intake, edlebrock 4bbl 750, msd coil and ignition, a wicked cam that loped like a mutha at idle. Thing was wicked fast for a beater. City towed it because of illegal parking and I couldn't pay the towing and storage fines/fees. Had to sign it over to the city.

4th 82 Camero Berlinetta - 6 months - omg a 4 cyl auto camero - bleh - It died and sold it for scrap

5th 92 Grand Am - 1 year - I lived 2 blocks from work. Put 2k on it in a year. Also put a new trans, rebuilt head and exhaust mani. Biggest POS EVAR! Traded in for the next car

6th 00 Civic EX - 1 year - brand spankin new. $4500 in damage from hit and run two weeks later. Two weeks after that another $4000 hit and run. Traded for the accord.

7th 94 Cherokee 4x4 - 6 years - best vehicle ever owned - 105 on it in 6yrs and only ever needed two water pumps and 4 u-joints - sold cause I needed a bigger truck

8th 98 Accord EX - 6 years - 130k - great car with $0 spent in repairs - traded for something more fun, like a del sol

9th 93 Probe GT - 1 year - Fun car for the money. Would still have it if I had realized previous owner had filled the coolant with straight water. Block froze in the winter and split most of the cooling system open. Sold for scrap.

10th 99 Prelude - 1 year - AWESOME CAR. Favoritest car of all time. Sold to buy a bigger house - which I now hate btw

11th 86 C10 - 3 months - work truck beater - bought for $700, drove it 10k and sold for $800

12th 95 Civic - 1 year - CURRENT - bought for 1100 from a junk yard

13th 95 RAM 2500 - 9 months - CURRENT - bought for $800, books at $2700

14th 93 Del Sol - 6 months - CURRENT - Wifes fun car.


Sry for the long post. Now that I reflect on it it looks like I need to buy a 96 and a 97 to complete my tour of the 90's auto history. This is over a driving history of exactly 13 years. I am averaging just under 1yr per car it seems.

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Started off with an 85 Accord. LOL...what a great little car. In fact I think the current Civic is larger than it...that car made it 300k miles before keeling over and dying.


Ended up with my Sol...which, as most should know, ended up a victim of the 60 - mysterious piece of crap that managed to set off my airbags and puncture the gas tank.

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