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Check out my new car


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I bought another 91 teg last week...




b18b1 from a 2000 LS with around 76k miles

YS1 transmission

Type-r clutch

Fat-fives w/ new Bridgestone tires

Neuspeed springs

JVC head unit

Infinities speakers in the front and Pioneers in the back

Intake (changed to a different one then wats in the picture)

Cat-back exhaust

NGK pulgs and wires

Clear corners


...no a/c or power steering so its just waiting to be turboed :ninja:

it had tan interior and my red teg had black interior so i totally swapped all the interiors the other day, carpet, seats, seat belts etc.


its an awesome car and i drives soooo smoothly. the engine and transmission is very strong... ohhh and did i mention i only paid $1500 for it. haha, i basically stole this thing, the body is in great condition for being as old as it is and well u cant beat the mods done already :thumbsup:


hope u like...ill post more pics when i get her washed...





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Didn't mention mileage, I don't think.

But nice price either way.


Good call on the interior swap. I'm surprised the red one had black.

Get some more pics of interior when you can.


Looks good though. You gonna DD the red one and work on this one for awhile?

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that's very cleeeean...I've never seen a DA this clean...niice :)


what turbo are you going to go with?

im not to sure on the turbo. for the money i might follow in dans footsteps and go ls v-tak. haha i ran into a honda god the other day and he said him in his friends have basically mastered the ls v-tek so he said if i ever wanted to i could hit them up. but its still up in the air.


as for the mileage i just hit 215k on the car but the engines got about 76k on it. and the clutch was put in last christmas eve.


yeah i figured i could take dans place.lol


yeah this car is very clean. i left the two tone dashboard. so the interior has black carpet, black seats, black seat belts, black top half of the dash and tan bottom along with the other small pieces of trim. i love it.


ohh and if u look real close the guy that had it before me put to huge harley davidson stickers in the back hatch that im very embarassed of.lol

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look at that, your old red teg has my same wheels. small world - you have cheap ass mass production enkei's too?!

Actually my dad bought then for his old car and he sold his car and i inherited them.:ninja:


Im thinking of going with HKS SP2 or Tanabe cat-back


...and now that i think about it i dont think i have a cat.

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