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Yay No Gas For Me!

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Do you think it's not well warranted?


"Here let me post about my being broke and not having gas and a malnourished Del Sol on public forums for the entire US Populous to see."

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It's all good till the light goes on...:thumbsup:


Hey, there's always the gas thread that says it's all gravy as long as there's something in there.


I hadn't seen the inside of a Del Sol...the redline all-red arc is cool...


The Sol interior is prolly one of the cleanest looking Honda interiors. The gauge cluster/placement is awesome. Especially the radio door...lol. Oh how many times I wanted to slap various passengers who were so amused with the thing that they had to flip it up and down every 5 seconds while going, "THAT'S SO COOL!" I guess as long as that kept them from asking, "where's your sunvisor?" while tugging on the larger sunvisor thing that's not a sunvisor. :laugh:

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I know, mang. You can't even walk down the street in America without someone offering you a job. Git er done.


And yeah, the sol interior is nice. It just needs a better steering wheel and a few other classy accessories to make it really nice.

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i wish someone offered me a better job while I was walking down the street.....


Had to quit my job as a mechanic/body man because i couldn't work around school.... so I got a job at a local Pilot....


been there for 2 months, and that job BLOWS! So I'm lookin once again.....

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i wish someone offered me a better job while I was walking down the street.....



I had a job working from home selling crap on eBay. I was selling stuff to a local business one day and they offered me enough money to quit my business on the spot. Finding/Getting a job is the easiest thing in the world provided you look employable. I look like I have my act together and am educated/smart. Little do they know...


Stop applying for a job at Foodlion. Apply for something decent. Places like FedEx, UPS and such are easy to come by. It's hard work but pays well and they hire everyone with a backbone and isn't on drugs. 5 hour shifts are considered full time too!

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yea, but all the places you noted are places that pay minimum wage, or close to it, and don't give two craps about their employees. at those places you are nothing to them. they treat you like nothing, pay you like nothing and you get nothing in return - as in future and what actual job reference benifit does bagging groceries get you?


I say these things because I've been there:


1st Mcdonalds - 6 months - minimum wage

2nd Hardees - 6 months - minimum wage

3rd Sunoco - 6 months - minimum wage


Nothing above this line ever helped me to get the jobs below. In fact, I didn't even put them on my application/resume because they were embarrassing.


4th Started in Sales and ended up running the company - 8 years @ 32k

5th Owned my own company 1.5 years

6th Current 3 months - make 50% more then at my previous job.

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