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i got bored


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and decided to take a leaf outta rick's book and post some photos of my new place.

its barely furnished at this point, but we're working on it.



view from the front door


hallway alcove



living room... can you tell it was nap time? lol.


dining room




guest bathroom (unfurnished so far, and the toilet seat/cover's broken)



spare room/guest room/office (eventually... can you tell we just moved in?)


mine & chris' room. yeah, i totally didnt make the bed this morning. excuse the mess.


our bathroom

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outside- parking lot

no garage.

and forget looking in the fridge. all you'll find in there is a pur water filter, milk, eggs, some condiments, coleslaw, left over lasagne, coleslaw, a london broil waiting to be cooked and mass quantities of diet & regular coke. the cupboards are just as bare with only essentials, except for high end pots & pans and some dishes. lol. I shop for fresh food everyday.


i cant wait till we get it all sorted out and it really starts to feel like home. chris' dad is buying us a dining room table sometime in the next couple of weeks and I'm planning on repainting the walls a lighter shade because this cappuchino colour is so depressing even though it goes well with everything we have. I want to find a huge mirror to hang on the large dining room wall to try and brighten the place up a bit & chris has a framed piece of an original confederate flag that's going to go up above the fire place.

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