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Ok i know this is another thread ive put up in here that is'nt Honda related...but im sure u can forgive me. Saw this on www.SeriousWheels.com, and oh my god, its too nice for words...so ill let the pics n the spec do the talking.


Engine - 6.4 liter V8


Aspiration - Twin superchargers


Torque - 750 lb-ft (est)


HP - 800+HP on pump gas (est) Over 1,000+ HP is possible w/tuning


HP/Weight - less than 3.4 lbs per hp


0-60 mph - 4 seconds (est)


There is a god, and its name is Obsidian.





So anybody fancy one? It'll set you back about $1.3 Million.

Linky - http://www.seriouswheels.com/cars/2008/top...ord-Mustang.htm

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lol...all american cars suck bar muscle cars such as Mustangs just rule cos they look so bad ass. but hey they still cant handle properly n go around corners...just look dam good and go in a straight line well.

That's because here in America, we have enough land to build straighter roads. Just sayin...

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Mine's an economy car from factory. KTHX. Ford guy's can suck a fat...No need for vulgarity.




And uh..what's sad is Ford's economy car, yea..that Focus thing?


Probably faster than your economy car.

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Haha. I don't care what anybody says. That car is sick. If you either


A) Have a car that is faster


B) Have a car that is more expensive


then you can talk crap



Oh and they stole 1 of my subz!

How do you see out the back window with it there?


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im not a domestic fan, but that is a nice car. still rather have a ferrari, porsche, lambo, viper, aston martin, m3, built sol, and college education payed for instead of that car though

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