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Fix blown airbags & clear light


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I own a 96 Honda Accord Sedan, bought the car with both airbags blown and srs light on, Ive been lookin for the right airbags to change, i have found 94 airbags that have different connectors, i was told i could swap the connectors with my old ones, how do i go about to do this? and when i do get them how do i put them in correctly and clear srs light

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You can clear the SRS light after the work is completed by pulling the SRS fuse.


I caution you highly to take care in making your connections and would even go as far as advising against it. SRS contacts are supposed to be gold and if the wires have a poor connection, it could result in a premature deployment.


It's your life, do whatever. I would use the same year or close to. The difference in electrical systems between 1996 and 1994 is huge. You would be better off using 1997 or 1996, since they are identical. 1994 and 1995 are similar as well.

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