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Saw this on another forum..How do YOU pay?


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So guys, how do you pay for things in YOUR life?


98% of the time it's credit debit for me. The other 2% is checking which..is very rare.


Very seldom do I see cash or belt it out.

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About 40% cash (everyday things, food, etc), 60% credit card (larger purchases). I've never purchased something by writing a check, and I will never use a credit card to pay for food.

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All credit all the time unless I physically cannot (that's more common over here in France so I'm carrying Euros around much more frequently than I would ever have dollars on me at home). Then I pay it all off every month so that I have perfect credit and never pay interest.


But don't tell x3772 that because using credit cards makes me a satanist or something.

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Most of the time I use my CC's cause i just leave my cash in the bank, then when bills are due pay off the cards :) When I go out to clubs/bars gotta take cash

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everyday purchases and household supplies with cash


2 of my bills are set to autopay on 2 different cards (20-30% utilization per card), paid off right away / before statement (no interest)


other bills with visa check card


online purchases with either visa check card or paypal debit card

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