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a new fad?


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Its sad when young people follow fads, this isnt so much a fad as a new level of emo-ness...I just think its stupid and ridiculous, and it might be harsh to say but good riddance to those that do this because they obviously don't treasure the life that was given to them so you might as well give it right back

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hos do you figure suicide is a fad?

this is just a series of stupid people f*cking up and doing stupid things.

no one is going to follow.

did you actually read the articles? they all knew each other, and they were all talking about similar things on the same website. I dont approve of suicide, but I do understand it when it's for reasons such as mental illness & depression- I'll admit, i've even considered it in the past when I was heavily depressed. But none of these kids had a history of mental illness, none of them seemed like the type to commit suicide according to their friends and family and police really can't figure out why there are so many of them doing it, other than the fact that they seem to be remembered with some sort of eternal "celebrity status" online.



its just really scary to think that we've come to the point where kids dont even value themselves or their lives anymore and simply take things for granted, not caring whether they live or die, whether they'll ever have kids of their own & whether or not they'll ever see those kids grow up etc. there is so much more to life than what happens as a teenager [even if it does continue to impact your life later on] and life shouldnt be based upon who's more popular.

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Feel ya on that one Lexi...


But here's the problem, teenagers have the innate ability to ignore absolutely everything they don't wanna hear. And if it's not in their best interest they don't wanna hear it. So they make their own decisions and usually end up hanging themselves (no pun intended)


And if they've got some sick fantasy of living forever in people's memories.... Well that's just fuked up. I personally would rather live 80 years that break me as a person than eternity as just a memory.

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that's f*cking retarded.


this is one of those times where i don't feel bad at all....teenagers just following the lead and doing something because "everyone's doing it" and in this case it's taking their own lives.


i don't think most people have half a brain honestly, can't think for themselves, it's pathetic.

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