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del sol and civic


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i currently have a 95 4-door civic ex. im plannin on sellin it after high school and gettin a 93-95 del sol si and droppin a worked z6 that im building into it. but im wondering bout stock handling. how well does a stock dell soll drive in comparison to a stock 4dor civic? i dnt wanna keep it stock forever but if handling sucks i might go another route.

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well if you get the si i believe it comes with strut bars but im not sure. either way, once you get aftermarket springs/shocks or coilovers the handling will greatly improve and you can also get anti-sway bars under the car like i did and theres basically zero body roll now

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I'd say del Sols are a pretty good handling cars - throw some decent suspension on the car and you can get a nice handling car. Considering they were banned from touring car cause they dominated the field so much and Progressive suspension was able to get the Sol to a 1.00g on the skidpad.


S - didn't get a front stabilizer bar till 1996 (21mm)

Si - 93-95 (front - 21mm) and 96-on (front - 22 mm/rear - 13mm)

VTEC - All models (front - 24mm/rear - 15mm)

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I will say this, though:


Yes the 93 sis handle alright, but I had a 95 s model with new rear LCAs, new front and rear UCAs, Tokico illumina struts and springs (1.5" drop) before I had this stock 93 si and I missed that old setup almost immediately.

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