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89 Honda CRX DX


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Hey! So, I want to re-do the dash. My car's basically all stock except for the steering wheel and shifter knob. Also, the climate control unit was abused by the people before me, so it partially melted and dial broke off I guess. No heat in this Boise chill for me. Brrr. Anyway, I wanted some opinions and ideas on maybe shapes, styles, and materials to use for my new dash. I probably won't start on it til it gets warmer, but I want to plan it out perfectly. After all, I am gonna be staring at it for the next forever.


So, any ideas anyone?



PS I'm new at this remodeling things, I know close to crap about cars, but I do know more than some girls my age (18), so you might need to put your answers in lame-man's terms for me.

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Take some floral foam and start shaping the dash to the way you want it to look. cover it in foil, then fiberglass over it, sand it, fill the imperfections, then paint over it


not a small job by any means, but fiberglass is the best/easiest method.

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