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Should I get a set of blades??

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I need new tires and have been shopping around at maybe some different wheels. I'm running below right now



A guy local is selling a set of blades w/ good tread left on the tires...195/55/15's for $300 and they are really clean from the pics.






Am I crazy not to get these. Since I need new tires anyway, which would cost $250 for a set shipped and mounted/balanced, I can basically get these for an extra $50. I can't decide. My wife also told me I can spend up to $600 on rims (from tax money), but I'm cheap and don't want to spend more than I can. I was also thinking about Drag DR-17's (I know....I hate knockoffs too, but I'm cheap and have a kid to feed), but the Drag's (while new) will run me $620 shipped vs. $300 for the blades.


Help.....what should I do???


Blades also look sick in gunmetal and resemble ITR wheels so I could go that route (I'm always a fan of gunmetal on black)


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I'm gonna get them if they're not gone already.....I'm waiting on a reply from the guy. I love the ITR look of the gunmetal ones, so I'll probably go that route. I just hope the 55 series tire doesn't rub. I ran 195/60's and they rubbed....205/50's and they didn't rub, so it could be anybody's guess on whether the 55's will rub. Oh well, I guess I'll find out.

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The SI's got sold this past October to fund some camera goodies. I think I've decided against the blades for the reason AirJordan said. I've always been annoyed by the spokes being backwards on one side and I always hated that about my old Enkei's too. Gonna just get some all black 5 spoke 15's with new tires. Thanks for all the input though.

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Not to be rude, but......because it's my car and that's what I like. I love the way my car looks in my sig with the black wheels, I just don't like a few things, like the 5.5" width, high offset, and too much tire with a 14". All of those will be fixed with the 15x7 38mm 5 spokes that I plan to get and the look should stay the same with a better stance and handling.

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I did a photoshop of the Konig Minuz 15's on my car. Opinion on these? Obviously it will look better for real than in photoshop....but .....????



I might drop the car about another half inch when I get new rims.....if I can do so without rubbing.


I'm also liking these


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