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starting problem


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recently my b16 has been acting funny when starting...... every once in a while it when i start it up it will go up 2 about 1500 rpm then drop right after down to like 100 rpm and if i give it gas it will just die but it will just idle at 100 rpm untill it dies. after starting it like 3 times it will start normally and drive fine and it only hapens every oncew in a while.....

any ideas guys?



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about 1k...... i went and talked to a local mechanice .... but he was not to fimilar with hondas....... but he said it sounds like the distributor is going out because now it will some times just lose power not alot but drop from like 3500 rpm down to 3k rpm when im just crusing on the high way........ does this sound right to anyone?

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