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Wat's good all!!


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Hey all u honda fans!! my name is jonathan and im from st louis, mo. i just joined the other night and posted a question about my honda that i just purchased. for those that havent read that post its a '94 honda accord lx w/108,xxx on te clock now..it had 103,xxx when i brought it in Oct. it needs some work, but for the miles i think itll be worth it. if anybody has good links to sites for parts, mods, etc please pm me w/links or tell me where to find on forum...ive done searches but alot of time the word(s) im using are just in the post and not relavant to what im lookin for. i may suggest something from time to time, but thats just becuase ive worked on all my cars and alot of things are universal, but this is my 1st honda o i wont be like some dorks and act like i know what im talkinn about when it comes to hondas, because i only know what ive seen/heard about from forums and clubs like this...anyways...thaks to those that have answered my posts (james) and to those that help keep the site going...oh and I LOVE MY HONDA!!!


-J :thumbsup:

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thanks for the replys all...im planning on getting it up to par 1st then ill probably do the suspension, tint, rims/tires and then get into the engine...im not even gonna mess around with trying to get more power by staying NA, gonna turbo at some point but gotta do my reasearch. i know that i can use my current engine, but ill probably do intake/headers/cams all at the same time i do the turbo, and i want to lsd the tranny and do a different clutch because the stock one has no feel to it. i think its about to go anyway cuz in the AM 2nd gear crunches unless i double cltch or wait a few sec bfore completing the shift...think the throwout is going but im going to drive it until whatever it is starts to really get annoying. i need mounts though thats the next thing and that could be my prob also havent really had the chance to check into it bcuz its too cold here and i dont have access to a heated space sooooo...i may have ta just suck it up and handle it b4 sumthing breaks.....at work gotta go!! take it easy!! oh.....I LOVE MY HONDA!!! :thumbsup:



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well you cant really do intake and header at the same time as a turbo, because the turbo parts would replace those


good point...looked at some kits and didnt realize that some came with both or the 1 piece intake....thinkin about an H-series motor instead of the F in it now..gotta do some more research...think there are motor mount issues with that

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