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James Matteu

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I was just like the rest of the population, paying other people to fix my ride, until my father bought a 1983 Honda Saber without the time to fix it. He let me have at it and I proceeded to dismantle it to the point I was unable to reassemble it. He eventually had someone come by the house to pick up the pieces.


I doing that, I taught myself enough about motors, that I stopped paying others to work on my car. I also discovered that I could go to any Honda dealership and buy an official Service Manual published by Helm, Inc.


Many mistakes later, here I am with a wealth of knowledge and a sizable collection of Honda specific tools. I have a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics from the University of North Florida and use both of them as often as possible, since I paid so much money for them.


Look through my posts and see that I have plenty to say when I know what I am talking about. On the other hand, if the post deals with something that I have no knowledge of or experience with, I may give my two cents but rather stay to the sideline.


Note: please do not send me a personal message regarding a problem you are having with your car, this has happened several times. The point of this forum is that two heads are always better than one. Post a topic and get everyone's input.

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The mods:


1996-97 OEM spoiler

4 cylinder OEM knock-off Depot foglamps, modded to fit my V6 bumper

Pioneer 3-way 6x9 rear speakers, Pioneer single channel speakers in the front

Alpine 6-disc player wired into the OEM headunit

OEM 4-cylinder trunk rug (it doesn't really fit my smaller V6 trunk)

1999 Acura CL dash and fully functional digital climate control

1994-95 fog light switch

1990-93 hazard switch

Heated seats

2001 CR-V security system


Coming soon:


Heated Mirrors


















There will be heated side mirrors in my future.



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I have to be honest. I don't think the 5G Honda Accord is the lightest car to start with, it's just alot of metal to push around. So as far as building something fast, I wouldn't bother unless I had the money to get the curb weight down to at least one ton and hp at the wheels 350 or higher. And since that ain't happenin' with three kids, I am very happy with what I have. I subscribe to the philosophy: why bother if you can't do it the right way.


I take great pleasure in keeping it stock and makin it last.


As Katt Williams said, "Be grateful for the car you have, it don' even need rims, just wash the hell outta it."

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oooh new dash looks very nice. the all black steering wheel is killing me though

Really? I like it, it's like black sneakers, you can't see when it's dirty. The only change I can imagine making to the steering wheel is adding the audio control from the Acura CL and interfacing it with the head-unit. I haven't figured out exactly how I want to do it yet.

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