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I have no heat


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what's up all!! im new here and tried searching the forums for my problem and havent found a solution so i thought id ask you all. i brougt a 94 accord in october and since it was hot here in STL it didnt occur to me to check the heat (silly boy :drool: ) and the ac was wonderful so i didnt find out that i have no heat until it was cold...ive checked all the other things that came up (heater cotrol valve opens/closes, heater box lvers move when temp knob is turned) and i still have no heat. now the knob was doing that thing where it wouldnt turn all the way to full hot, but after turning it back and forth for a few weeks it eventully started rotating like it should. my question is could it be possible that the control valve was initially stuck, and that it broke internally and it is stuck, or is it my heater core? the hoses going in out of it feel like they are about the same temp, but that could be just from the other coolant trans heat to those areas, or am i off base? one other thing...when it was cold, i took the radiator cap of and let it run until it was warm, and it doesnt look like there is any flow at the radiator opening, but i dont now if this applies to hondas or not. just kinda stumped here and hoping that someone can help....thanks


-J :blush:

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It sounds like it could be either the mix door is not operating properly or that the heater valve needs to be adjusted. I suspect the latter given your description of the problem.


thanks for the reply, i think the blend door is working, or at least the mechanism is because I took the right side of the dash off and watched it while turning the knob and it moves, as does the heater valve...does anyone know if there's a way that I can figure out if the door itself is broke inside the HVAC box w/o taking the assembly out...i plan to flush it soon so ill check the heater valve but i dont think its that because the core hoses are both hot so it seems to be more likely the door not opening or somebody put stop leak in it :rant: and its clogged my core......thanks again all for anyone's help and ill be sure to post what it was when i figure it out.


-J :help:

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