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Cranks won't start, need help


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I have a '94 Integra LS with about 208k miles. Over the past couple of months, I would try to turn the car on and sometimes nothing would happen but when I pressed on the brake pedal the car started. About a month ago, the car would never turn on unless I turned the key all the way and then pressed on the brake pedal.


The other day I was driving home and the engine died (all electronics stayed on). Now whenever I try to start the car, it will crank but will not catch. I put a new battery in (thinking it might be the alternator), but that did nothing. So then I checked the fuel pump and it sounds like it is priming whenever I turn the car on (not to start). So then I checked the fuel filter (for a block) by disconnecting the line heading into the engine and it is wet so it looks like fuel is getting through the fuel filter.


I'm not sure what to check next. If the spark plugs are not sparking, do I need to replace the entire distributor? Could it be the ignitor?


I really appreciate any suggestions.

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Sounds like it might just be the ignition coil??? any thoughts? Thanks



Yea it really sounds like a coil but the whole brake pedal thing is kinda odd never heard that before and i dont want to tell u to get a coil and that not be it but i work at an autoparts store and there pretty cheap for a teg plus easy to replace id try that first.

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My del sol just died on me in the wal mart parking lot, Do hours of searching and this is what we came to as well.

I gotta get a new one tomorrow which sucks, The coil in the dist, went bad.

There is no spark what so ever, Even switched over my friends working cap and rotor and nothing.

There is 12v flowing but when we crank it, it drops to -1 on the multimeter.


Any thoughts on what you guys might think it is?

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