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Hatch's Build

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Ok since alot of other people are doing builds I figured i'd put mine up. I won't be doign much till after i buy the motor and after the meet. I will be de-kitting the car at some point.



Intake Mani - Skunk2

Throttle Body - Skunk2

Pistons - JE 9.1:0

Rodes - Scat or Eagle

Crank - Scat or Eagle

Cams - Blox or Skunk2

Springs/Retainers - Skunk2

Fuel Pump - Walbro 255

Injectors - 720cc or bigger



Fly Wheel - Fidanza 7.5lbs

Clutch - Fidanza 4.3

L.S.D. - Factory option



Manifold - Streetpower Ramhorn

Downpipe - Custom 2.5 or 3" with 4bolt flange

Catback - RS*r ExMag GTII

Catylitic or Test Pipe - Pacesetter or Skunk2

Turbo - GT35r

Intercooler - Greddy or ApexI

Charge Pipe - Custom 2.5" or 3"

BOV - Tial 38mm



Street Rims - Buddy Club P1 16"

Street Tires - 205/40/16 Falken Azenis

Track Wheels - Weld Mag Import 15x8

Track Tires - Hoosier or Mickey Thompson



Hondata S200 w/ Boost or S300




COMPLETE DEKITIZAION!! - $709 shipped for every clip, screw, foam inseart, garnish insert, etc. etc.



Whats everyone think?

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