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alt keeps going out


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ok i have no idea about hondas so here is my issue. i have a 91 prelude si that has something wrong with the charging system. i have replaced the alt and it did fine for a day and a half, then went out. i don't know if this is a common problem with these, as i have only have the car for a week now. if there is anyone who could point me in the right dirtection to figure this out it would be greatly appreciated.

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Check the battery (can it hold charge), check your fuses, check your grounds, then replace the alternator again if nothing else turns up; then cross your fingers and pray.


You could have had some bad luck and ended up with a bum alternator, or could be something else.


I assume you purchased a "new" alternator, so you should have no problem securing another as most reputable distributors will back their product, especially if it is only a day or two old. I use "new" loosely, since most units are actually rebuilt.

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I use "new" loosely, since most units are actually rebuilt.


Rebuilt is when you or someone you pay to replace the bad parts inside only. Remanufactured is when it is returned to a factory and they replace everything but the case (housing) and repaint the case, etc. New is excatly that brand new.

Remanufactured is what is what all parts stores sell. Either way you still get a warranty (usually).

Always remember that a bad alt will ruin a battery (even a brand new one) and a bad battery will ruin an alt (even a new one).

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