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so ive been trying to buy this hoodie for a while and i cant find it anywhere. i found one auction on ebay from hong kong, but some butthead outbid me while i was in class and the auction ended. its by volcom and its called zee bones. theres different styles of it, but i dont like the others. so if anyone is bored and can find one, i'll make you a sweet sig, or owe you something. thanks peeps


and yeah theres fur on the inside

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yeah my parents didnt know what to get me, so i found that at the store and my mom said no for some dumb reason. then i told her if she wasnt going to get it, it just meant i was going to waste gas the day after christmas to drive 45 minutes back to the store and get it...well the gas was wasted, and they were sold out...lame

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Nancy, it's the "Slim" version that you posted, and it's not fur lined.



Ebay Medium


Ebay Large


Keep in mind, these are in other countries, so I dunno how that works.


yeah that large one was the one i was bidding on and lost. it says in japanese at the top that the bidding has ended.


and heres the difference








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no i dont think the medium will fit. i emailed the seller to see if they could get a large so im waiting for that. hopefully one will show up on ebay because im pretty sure they are nonexistent on websites

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we have it here. i tried it on in the store for my mom to get for me for xmas. she didnt get it, so i drove back 45 minutes after christmas, like i said i would, and they were sold out. thanks mom

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the person selling them on ebay. the auction isnt posted though so im not sure yet. i think im gonna get the xxl if they have it


the size for the xxl is


Total lenght :31" (79cm)


Chest Lenght :48.8"(124cm)


Shouder Lenght:20.5''(52cm)


Sleeve Lenght :26.8"(68cm)


and the medium is


Total lenght :27.6" (70cm)


Chest Lenght :41.7"(106cm)


Shouder Lenght:18.5''(47cm)


Sleeve Lenght :24.4"(62cm)


and yes length is spelled wrong

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